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I find it painful to see my favourite all-time genre of music, goatrance, getting more and more obscure and snowed under the abundance of time and psytrance. I can relate to oldschool house, trance, and techno lovers alike.

Consider the introduction in this article to goatrance, at the very bottom of the website after all kind of psytrance subgenres.

Roland TB-303? Not mentioned. The archetype synthesizer of acid and goa trance.

Acid? Not mentioned. A genre related and inspirational to goa trance. Same with trance, and techno.

SH-101? Not mentioned. Frequently used synthesizer in trance, including goa.

4-4-4-4-1 bass-line? Not mentioned. Its the bass-line which is typically found in goa trance. Some tracks by Miranda even have a slightly different bass tone on every bass hit which creates a kind of 3D effect in the bass (it feels like salsa to me).

Etnica? Not mentioned. Huge name (with sub projects like Crop Circles and Pleiadians) in the 90s.

For me, a band like Juno Reactor is much more according to the psychedelic values than the conventional psytrance.

Also, goa trance wasn't formed in Goa in the 80s. It was the very end of the 80s, but more the early 90s (91-93). It was normal to combine all kind of genres back then (trance, techno, house, etc). Consider, for example, the legendary Paul Oakenfold - Goa Mix from 1994. Or this very mix which combines different genres in one [1] (though it includes acid, not goa trance).

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkzvUEbf1DY


emptyfile 8 days ago [flagged]

You're like the fifth poster who assumes this is a history of psytrance guide, while its exactly the opposite: an overview of modern genres.

Almost every track on it is less then 10 years old.

Another Oaky fan here, he was great in the early '90s. Enjoyed Fluro, and some of his Global Underground mixes. Wish I still had a good copy of the original Goa Mix - I know there are variants of it on YouTube and Spotify.

You mentioned some of the artists from the Blueroom Released label where I cut my teeth with audio and video streaming with RealMedia. And learned that productive offices can be equipped with high-end loudspeakers. The web's come a long way since those days.

Don't want to be "difficult" but the 303 isn't really the typical psy synth. Although it's used, psy trance required a bit more sophisticated equipment for chords and layering etc.

The concept of "acid" appeared in Chicago.

It's fascinating how goa trance came about. At first they were just strumming guitars out there and then came the drugs and the very early electronic music from labels like Harthouse and Eye Q ... those were the roots of this movement.

Early goa did have a lot of acid lines, although I dont think they strictly used 303s. I know Cosmosis used a Novation BassStation for all the lines on their Cosmology album. That album is full of acid (and thoroughly recommended, even 25 years on).

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