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Show HN: Computer-Aided Software Design
2 points by kummappp on Aug 14, 2019 | hide | past | favorite
I have been making tools for software design as a hobby project, because the tools I have seen all look like some sort of point and click game. Is that how you would design for example a bypass filter?

Here is my attempt to make module design to look more like Mathlab: https://github.com/kummahiih/python-grapheq-example

The example uses a library with which you can represent domain models as equations: https://github.com/kummahiih/python-domain-equations

The domain model equations have been made with a category equation system, which provides rudimentary simplify and theorem proving functionality: https://github.com/kummahiih/python-category-equations

So What do you think? Is this approach genuine in some way or did someone already do this on the 80's?

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