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Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) allows you to bring a full waterbottle (openend and unopenend) through security. Also you don't have to unpack your bag anymore. Just take it of your back and it will go right through the machine.

I am not sure what changed because I haven't seen this before. Even modern airports like Changi (Singapore) required me to empty my bottle. If anyone knows what changed, always interesting to read!

Source: flew from Schiphol 3 times in the last few months.

I was pleasantly surprised by AMS' comparatively lax security procedures. But I flew into Dubai and my connecting flight had an additional security checkpoint at the gate so I couldn't bring my full water bottle onto an 11 hour connection.

There's nothing modern about Changi's use of "angel wings" to physically detain passengers moving through customs while they collect biometrics.

Haven’t been to singapore for a while but I was never stopped at customs (green channel)

If you are on about collecting fingerprints at immigration, the US does that, as do many other countries.

Can you explain what “angel wings” means in this context?

Strange. I had to unpack at Schiphol two weeks ago. And go through the scanner even though I wasn't headed to the US. All in all, one of the worst airport security experiences in Europe. In Lisbon I didn't have to unpack.

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