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The most avid fisherman I know thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax.

Sure, most people do not give a shit about trout, fisherman and hunters included.

I wouldn't consider myself a hunter or fisherman (but I have fished occasionally and the implication that people like me don't care about the environment is frankly insulting.

Don’t be insulted because I didn’t accuse you of not caring because you don’t hunt or fish.

Insulting? My friend, the planet is dying; who gives a shit about your pride. “Caring” is a cheap term these days.

The planet is fine, people are fucked

The underlying rock is fine, the delicately balanced ecosystems and atmosphere sitting on top - they're fucked.

That's normal for this planet

No it’s not.

Cute. Proves my point--people are so offended at the implication they don't care, and yet caring is cheap, so it's the only thing they offer. I guess, thank god someone else will also remember how nice things were, but excuse me if I won't indulge in this lifestyle politics.

Your ranting is just as cheap as 'caring'.

-- Trump

Seriously, you're kidding right?

-- George Carlin, actually, and yeah, he was known to make a joke or two. Mixed in with some truth.

You're right.

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