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Do you have a source for your money velocity claim? Intuition implies it would be the opposite

Huh? Give 10 bucks to Bill Gates and 10 bucks to the homeless person that you just saw and tell me who would spend it immediately?

How so? It checks with my intuition quite fine. Do you mean as a total volume of dollars earned?

Wealthy people are likely to invest any cash received immediately which would be invested or loaned out to businesses that purchase things and pay salaries.

They don't take their extra $100K and stick it under a mattress.

Investment is a problematic word because it has so many subtly different meanings.

Let's say you "invest" in the stock market. Does that actually cause any business to "invest" more? The answer is likely no. It'll drive up the stock prices of the company whose shares you buy, yes, but companies don't tend to make investment decisions based on their share price.

Conversely, companies do make investment decisions based on the demand for their products, so giving money to poor people who immediately spend it is likely to cause more (real world) investment than giving it to rich people who merely "invest" it.

Even if you transferred the money directly into the bank account of those corporations they would just merely pay it out as a dividend or give the CEO a bonus. What then? "Invest" again?

A corporation doesn't need a third factory if no one is buying their products. Because of deflation it may even want to get rid of it's second factory.

It’s like that comic with the dog holding the ball going “no take, only throw!”

“No purchase, only invest!”

At the end of the day the economy only works because it’s extracting profit from consumers, if the profit you’re extracting is money you lent them in the first place...where is the profit coming from? Hence the negative interest rates: you NEED them to take on more debt so they can even buy things from you to begin with. It’s the market itself saying “you need to give them more money”.

the trend is for corporations to keep large cash reserves, essentially they are "extreme hoarders" in the financial sense. it comes with all the negatives that physical hoarding comes with

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