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We recently started using another scaffold generator from http://scaffoldhub.io. It’s similar to this but geared more for apps than for marketing sites. It allows you to build out a complete data model and backend. It’s got a lot more features but they add complexity to the code that might not be needed for everyone.

Scaffoldhub looks cool. I can see how Divjoy looks like it's more geared towards marketing sites since that's pretty much what's in the component library right now. Going to be adding a lot of dynamic components over the next few weeks (think dashboards, social media feeds, activity dropdown menus, etc) and figuring out how to cleanly connect all this stuff up with backend options.

That's the proper thing to call it: scaffolding or boilerplate. "Codebase generator" sounds like an excuse to charge for the output it produces. Instead of that's just scaffolding I can imagine well, yeah, we used a codebase generator, that's just smart, isn't it? Should we do everything manually? Divjoy looks pretty cool but I think I'll avoid it out of principle.

Hey, is the main issue you have with Divjoy that it uses the term "codebase generator" or was there something about how it works that you didn't like? To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of "codebase generator" either. Open to changing it if it seems weird or meaningless to people.

That was just my reaction to it. I think it sounds catchy. I would just leave it and see how it works. I'm not the target audience because stock create-react-app and create-next-app (and rails new) are more boilerplate than I like for starting a project, though I'll look at custom boilerplate for inspiration.

Ok gotcha, appreciate the feedback.

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