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I think you're spot on with that revenue model. I would certainly be willing to pay a couple of bucks for a premium suite of templates and components, or integrations with less mainstream technologies.

One idea I'd really love is simple Git integration. If I want to download my code and work on it outside of the GUI, it seems cumbersome to return to the GUI for simpler tasks (e.g. let me double click this string instead of remembering which parent component has it). If I could sync to Git, you'd have all of my money!

As for a word of unsolicited advice: Don't be afraid to monetize! Plenty of people (and corporations) use and pay for tools like e.g. Figma which don't even produce code on this level. What you have right now is, in my opinion, more than generous for a free service.

Cheers, best of luck!

To the author: Be careful going down the saas root. The path is filled with feature requests with promises of small monthly payments without lockin.

Great for a focused simple product but perhaps not so great for this kind of a tool. Ultimately your customers want something to create as much of the app/site as possible. As you approach this ideal complixity increases making your application more brittle. When the ecosystem changes your tool may not be able to respond to the new reality.

Your better off using this tool to create value for your own customers. Or selling the source code rather than chasing the 9 dollars a month customer.

Are you interested in something as simple as being able to export to Github or would you be looking for real git integration (with export and even import). I'm not sure on the feasibility of import but would love to hear more about what you have in mind there.

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