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Akiko wasn't that fast. Should have been direct chunky support, not a conversion chip. Oh, and faster CPU with plenty of Fast RAM.

Or perhaps a blitter capable of rasterizing triangles with affine texture mapping. A bit like PS1. Low silicon requirements as just addition is required. Nothing complicated like multiplication or divides needed. Of course the price is loss of perspective correctness.

Akiko was effectively kludge to try to patch things over until the next chipset.

Even AGA was a kludge - planning was started once they realised their "real" next gen chipset was going to take way too long.

At least AGA had 4x bandwidth compared to original chipset and ECS.

Bus width went from 16 bit to 32 bit and fast page mode provided another bw doubling.

Absolutely. But it was started way too late because it was a rushed stopgap rather than the original plan. Both AGA and Akiko were basically results of Commodores multi-year failure to manage engineering properly and aim for manageable iterations. AGA would have been great if it'd come a couple of years earlier. Instead lots of resources were put into next gen chips that never surfaces because they were way too ambitious.

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