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Will be interesting to see how low birth rates will impact theme park attendance going forward. I feel like young adults are already struggling with student debt and difficulty affording a home. Throw in a kid or two and makes me wonder how an average family could afford a 3 or 4 night vacation to Disneyland with flights and hotel and tickets for everyone. That’s at least $4k for 4 nights.

I feel like going to Disney is something that the average middle class family might do once in a life time. At least that is how it was in my family growing up in the 80's and 90's we went to Disney World once and every other vacation was some variation on camping at a state park or going to the local Six Flags amusement park for the day. When you look at it that way 4k doesn't seem as outrageous.

Probably depends on where you are. As a California native, Disneyland trips were much more frequent.

Whilst I'm not old, statistically speaking half my life is over. I've had a bucket list for about 16 years [and counting, hopefully].

Visiting Disney-Land//World at least once is an item. I'd drop $4k on that.

Imagine you have 80k in student debt between your partner and yourself. This isn't even a crazy number. Imagine how much of an impact 4K has on that.

5% is not trivial? Not exactly sure if you think it is or isn’t by your phrasing.

I'm in agreement with you.

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