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> But this is where paradoxes come in because the black hole, stationary from in its frame of reference, would still experience 26,000 years and not see you arrive until then.

Special relativity solves this fine (there is no paradox in it for that particular thought experiment), no need to involve general relativity. There is nothing paradoxical about the observer near the center of the galaxy not seeing you until you are near, because you are traveling at speed almost as great as the speed of the information carrier (the light you emit if we are talking about space, or the sound you make if we are talking about something on Earth). So you actually do not even need relativity to explain the "they do not see us coming". You do need relativity to explain the fact that to you all of this took only a blink of an eye.

My bad I meant to talk about the fact that there is no universal reference frame, so in your frame you would believe you aren't moving, but the black hole is moving towards you. In in a scenario where you are traveling at .99c, from your frame of reference you are not traveling at all and the black hole is traveling to you, so you see the black hole experiencing incredibly slow time passage. However, that is not what the black hole sees. Hence a paradox.

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