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The TSA will clearly have issues managing this. All MacBooks look the same to them. They can't currently manage basic stuff like "baby formula might need different rules than our 3oz standard for liquids." Expect pressure on Apple to make it a non-issue.

I actually took an 10 inch screwdriver on to a flight accidently. When I was unpacking at the hotel I was like "how the F did this get past the security check?"

Another time I was running late for my flight and forgot to empty my 16oz water bottle. After my bag went through the scanner I realized my mistake and told the TSA agent about it. He uncapped the bottle, swirrled the water around, sniffed it, and then handed me back 16 ounces of water and said not to worry about it.

So yeah, I have minimal expectation TSA will catch this.

Now UK airport security might handle it. I've been specifically asked if my laptop has been damaged, is swelling or has been recently repaired. I assume if you answer yes to any of those questions your device is banned from flying.

Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) allows you to bring a full waterbottle (openend and unopenend) through security. Also you don't have to unpack your bag anymore. Just take it of your back and it will go right through the machine.

I am not sure what changed because I haven't seen this before. Even modern airports like Changi (Singapore) required me to empty my bottle. If anyone knows what changed, always interesting to read!

Source: flew from Schiphol 3 times in the last few months.

I was pleasantly surprised by AMS' comparatively lax security procedures. But I flew into Dubai and my connecting flight had an additional security checkpoint at the gate so I couldn't bring my full water bottle onto an 11 hour connection.

There's nothing modern about Changi's use of "angel wings" to physically detain passengers moving through customs while they collect biometrics.

Haven’t been to singapore for a while but I was never stopped at customs (green channel)

If you are on about collecting fingerprints at immigration, the US does that, as do many other countries.

Can you explain what “angel wings” means in this context?

Strange. I had to unpack at Schiphol two weeks ago. And go through the scanner even though I wasn't headed to the US. All in all, one of the worst airport security experiences in Europe. In Lisbon I didn't have to unpack.

For real. I saw a woman go through security at seatac with a frozen 1.5L bottle. They seem very willing to let the system be gamed.

Technically ice is not a liquid, so she was within the letter of the law.


And you're indeed correct. And that must have been chilled for a long time to freeze that quantity. (Edited: thought you said 1.5l of alcohol)

I left a water bottle in my bag at SJC once. The TSA agent pulled me aside after I went through the scanner and pointed to it on the X-Ray to ask me what it was. I said something like "oh, oops, looks like I forgot my water bottle in there" and she asked me to take it out of the bag. She took a quick look at it and then just let me on the plane without making me dump it out or even opening the bottle.

I guess that means they at least looked at the X-Ray; it seems like a lot of the time they don't even bother to do that.

Meanwhile, up at SFO, I had a few sips in a fancy water bottle. They wouldn't let me drink or dump the water. They escorted me, past like three bathrooms/water fountains, back to the other where I drank it while back in line.

Yep, that happened to me in a DC airport. American service is horrible.

By contrast, when I was trying to board my plane in Tokyo to return to the US, I again forgot to empty my water bottle, and was already through the line. The woman just asked if she could dump it, and she did: they had special containers there for the express purpose of dumping people's disallowed liquids. Of course, American security can't be bothered to implement a common-sense measure like this.

I've taken screwdrivers all the time. Guessing they really don't care. Hell, even my multitool which looks like it has a knife has been fine.

But that one time I had a bottle of diet coke... That's when they get me.

They even said that laptops with replaced batteries are fine...how on earth are they going to enforce that? What's stopping me from saying "Oh yeah, I got the battery serviced last month"?

Nothing. Except your desire not to commit a crime of taking banned items on a plane.

I can't imagine this would be effective. I highly doubt most owners of the affected Macbooks are even aware of the the FAA ban

> They even said that laptops with replaced batteries are fine...how on earth are they going to enforce that? What's stopping me from saying "Oh yeah, I got the battery serviced last month"?

Given the reactions to the Boeing news that I've heard, it would be surprising to me if people would risk jeopardising the safety of a flight to bring a personal item. However, people do remain people and act accordingly.

They were also conditioned for years with nonsense like "no cell phones on, no wifi, for the entire flight", than saw that rescinded later. Or the TSA seizing tweezers and other harmless items, then backing off later. They've been conditioned that the rules aren't always sensible, even though some clearly are.


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