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The LA basin supports over 10 million people. Cut its water supply and the missing water has to be made up somewhere. I know full well it LA is 6 hours away from Silicon Valley but make LA run dry on water and CA-wide water restrictions would only get harsher. Remember that Silicon Valley still has a human population to support, too.

Desalination has been the technological breakthrough of next Tuesday for most of my life. I’ll be happy to see an actual deployment. Until then we wait.

City-scale desalination is something you can currently cut a cheque and build, if you want. Both the capital and operating costs are high, though.

eg. https://www.melbournewater.com.au/water/securing-our-water-s...

Not sure where you're getting your misinformation, but LA uses less water than the farms of the Central Valley or Southern California.

Cut the water supply and LA will do fine, but the farms will die. (Millions of voters vs. a handful of relatively minor donors. It's an easy decision.)

Isn't desalination widely used in the Middle East?

Yes; it's very cheap.

It produces some pretty nasty byproducts, so a tough sell in California, but affordability is a total non-issue.

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