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Google just buried Windows. Google came in with what seemed to be a spectacular bouquet of flowers, but left a cactus in MS rear end. This is how Taviso 63 days earlier was being treated by Microsoft.

> They called me and told me my career would be destroyed. In one particularly memorable call they told me that their PR and legal department only had two settings, "off and destroy" and (in a rather menacing tone) that they would "air my dirty laundry in public".


This is such an Easter Egg they should send some Bunny suits to those clowns at Microsoft HQ.

Maybe I misunderstand your comment, but @taviso was recalling a story that seems to be from 2010.

Sounds like the ultimate payback for behavior in 2010 which violated all code of ethics.

In other words, Microsoft literally committed a federal crime (extortion presumably across state lines)? A shame the police did not get involved.

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