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One of Carl's other project - She is frozen in time, what a beauty she is. The clones of her are nothing close. Carl Sassenrath is an outstanding figure in tech, unknown to many.


Indeed, Rebol was groundbreaking in so many ways. Hard for some to understand, but for those whose brains have receptors for it there is nothing quite like it. Working in other langs can be hard once you're used to Rebol, because some things seem so obvious that you can't see why other langs don't do it.

I'm part of Team Red, working on Rebol's successor (https://www.red-lang.org/). We have a number of old Rebolers, but also a lot of new faces, and we're having a great time carrying the torch forward. We still have a lot of work to do, but by the end of the year we should have feature parity with R2, not to mention all the new features Red has, like a compiler, reactive system, Android support, and native GUIs.

I remember really enjoying paying around with rebol back in the day. Sadly I think it was open open sourced after development ceased. The bug tracker that was set up looks abandoned with nobody assigning tickets.

I think most people who were interested in Rebol have moved over to Red.

It's very similar to Rebol and is under active development. If you like Rebol and haven't tried Red, it's worth taking a look:


Try Red whether you have tried Rebol! It's very cool, I first saw it here on HN when someone showed https://www.red-lang.org/2016/07/native-reactive-spreadsheet...

which is a spreadsheet in 17 lines of code using the inbuilt reactive system.

There is still a small community working on the open-sourced Rebol 3:




In fact there was a Rebol conference only last month - http://2019.reb4.me/

Does it have a garbage collector yet?


Curecode (https://www.curecode.org/rebol3/) is no longer used. Everything was moved to Github a few years ago - https://github.com/rebol/rebol-issues/issues

I was amazed at how quick I could develop applications for the web with it. In my over 30 years of software development, nothing comes close.

While Carl hasn't blogged for a while there are plenty of gems to look back at on his blog: http://www.rebol.com/cgi-bin/blog.r

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