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I love seeing efforts to make software more efficient, so I enjoyed this post, but at the same time your own blog has a 434kb 512x512 png favicon. I'm not at all a web developer and so I don't know if there is a technical reason for that, but it seems a bit absurd in juxtaposition to your goal to reduce a 2kb svg to 100 bytes.

I've seen this on a number of other blogs, which seem to focus on minimal design. Can anyone explain what the need is for these enormous favicons?

512x512 is specifically for browser loading splash screens when the site is added as a launcher on a phone. It's required for Chrome to have an "Add to Home Screen" prompt and requires a 192x192 and 512x512 icon. I imagine most minimalist sites you browse are expecting people to add the website as an icon/app launcher on their phones. Not sure how common an experience that is for users, I sure as hell wouldn't but maybe other people might.

Was intended for web apps I believe but is usable by sites that aren't web apps.

Read more here: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/web-app-manif...

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