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> they come with IPMI... which is exactly what iLO, DRAC, etc., is

iLO / iDRAC implement IPMI, but they are not the same thing. iLO and iDRAC provide web interfaces, remote iso mounting, granular boot control, remote vga, etc. There's a lot of useful features not available in a "standard" IPMI implementation.

You are confusing IPMI 1.0 with IPMI 2.0.

> Systems compliant with IPMI version 2.0 can also communicate via serial over LAN, whereby serial console output can be remotely viewed over the LAN. Systems implementing IPMI 2.0 typically also include KVM over IP, remote virtual media and out-of-band embedded web-server interface functionality, although strictly speaking, these lie outside of the scope of the IPMI interface standard. [0]

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_Platform_Managemen...

I used to have X9SCM-F, and its implementation also had a web interface, remote ISO mounting and remote VGA.

Agreed; I also have X9SCM-F, and was able to do all that (which I already specified in my parent comment.)

IPMI does all of that and hundreds of more features. And it's licence-free.


Again, IPMI is a standard which includes basically none of these features.

The BMC that vendors use implement IPMI and also usually provide these features.

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