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> But the factory lector didn’t have Medium and Hacker News to tell him every single day that the radio is coming to take his job.

My thoughts: Who reads Medium everyday?

> Sizzy got 2352 upvotes on Product Hunt. It was the product of the day, the product of the week, and third product of the month.

My thoughts: Who uses Product Hunt? Who cares about Product Hunt upvotes?

Also, the other day, Korean Github users started complaining about some company "cheating" to get Github stars. My thought: who the hell cares about Github stars?

Am I the odd one here? This cult of the platform is kinda weird. I admit that I use Hacker News everyday, but in the end I don't care about it. If I lost my account tomorrow, I wouldn't care, If my comment gets downvoted to oblivion, I don't care.

(Congratulations to the post author on shipping a valuable product.)

Just as you read HN, others get their news from Medium, Reddit, and so on, and they do care that the news source is sustained so that they can get future news. I do the same for HN, it would annoy me if it disappeared tomorrow, so perhaps you are the odd one out. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

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