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OP is hypothesizing that an event happened on earth which emitted something traveling at the speed of light[0], traveled some distance, then interacted with some object which emitted something else[1] which traveled back to be observed on Earth. Hence, double the distance between Earth and the black hole, because it's traveling twice.

I'm not sure exactly what OP is implying though.

[0] light, radiation, information, etc.

[1] ie, reflected, or caused some reaction

I suspect this is a backhanded reference to The Three-Body Problem series by Cixin Liu?

> I'm not sure exactly what OP is implying though.

The destruction of Atlantis?

Atlantis is usually put at "just before history" -- Atlantis was destroyed and then their survivors did all the impressive stuff around the world like building the pyramids and Stonehenge, so around ~5000 years ago.

You're looking at something more like 50,000 years ago, so something like the Toba population bottleneck (which probably didn't happen 70,000 years ago).

The cleansing of saidin in the previous turning of the Wheel, might work.

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