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I've got Supermicro -F servers and I've got PowerEdge servers with iDRAC Enterprise. Yes, the Supermicro servers have basic remote management features but the iDRAC Enterprise offers so much more.

If you're just running a couple servers in a home lab, yeah, it's probably not worth it but for a company with a bunch of servers the additional management features are absolutely worth it, IMO.

Redfish [0] is looking like it's gonna be pretty awesome too.

[0]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redfish_(specification)

They are both different levels of bad. At least supermicro is free. The whole low level bios and BMC space is stuck in some 90s parallel universe. coreboot+openbmc can't come to the masses soon enough. It would be like what linux felt like after windows.

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