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If you really want to shock everybody, and become a highly respected artist known for redefining the modern gallery in ten to thirty years, you should probably paint some nice landscapes or portraits.

I think you're a bit too late for that; Bob Ross seems to have made a recent resurgence....I don't think you get any more landscape-ey than that.

I think that resurgence is more due to "happy little trees" memes from his show than his actual paintings... I don't see his finished paintings I'm memes, just pictures of Ross whilst painting.

Or a pro-Trump statue. That would reliably get you kicked out of every art gallery.

Shocking can become respectable in the future. Shockingly stupid can't.

50 years ago they were saying the same thing about "shockingly vulgar." Maybe culture will go in a direction you don't support, and you will end up as one of the nay-saying voices lending a counter-cultural air to the stupidadaists.

Nah, remember that a lot of people voted for him not that long ago.

Yes, but fine arts in guessing does not swing right /center

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