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That's the first good example I've seen that really undercuts my price, but it also has 60% of the single threaded performance. Probably still enough, I can see that, it works for you.

I admit I was more lazy, I have a separate room for this machine so I don't mind the noise that much. I just configured what I wanted and ordered it. I only did some research on the CPU performance.

yes I only really notice the single core performance on OpenVPN streams which, despite the CPUs' AES-NI and offloading to mobo's Intel-branded Ethernet chips, still cap out at ~80Mbps. it's fine for most internet needs and a few simultaneous video streams, but really bottlenecks torrenting and shifting large files around the web, on 1GBps FTTH. I toy with the idea of buying a generic fanless Chinese 4-port i7-8th Gen 15W 'U' variant to handle most networking duties, thus rendering the behemoth to be purely on-demand, WoL, semi-idle, etc. which would cut costs on electricity long term, but with such devices currently priced ~$300 and with Brexit threatening to bloat that, I am not in any rush. plus it gives me more time to research / discover / await / implement a multi-core VPN solution

edit/corrections: E5-2650Lv2 not E3-2650Lv2 1Gbps not 1GBps (I wish! :)

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