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> loud music at a bar called power tools

Please tell me this was a gay bar. If it wasn't, it should have been.

I have some upper range hearing loss that's more or less consistent with my age. I also have tinnitus and ADHD, so I'm interested in the comments about how all these things may be interrelated. I definitely struggle to hear conversations in noisy environments and I always assumed it was high frequency hearing loss, but maybe the ADHD is part of it as well.

>Please tell me this was a gay bar. If it wasn't, it should have been.

Heh. I thought someone might have had that reaction to the name. From the Houston Press:

Power Tools A long-gone cousin of Numbers, Power Tools is still a sacred name (not to mention a powerful memory) among Houston's industrial/goth/EBM crowd, with the downtown subterranean space now occupied by hip-hop/EDM-heavy Kryptonite. Like a few of its kin, Power Tools is practically un-Google-able, but one flyer we did find (again via Ozone City Outrage) offers a powerful whiff: Butthole Surfers. Mid-August. All ages. CHRIS GRAY

But to answer your question, not a gay bar.

Pity, it's a perfect name. I went to a gay Country Western bar in Houston back in the early 90s and got lost getting there when going through an insanely complex set of highway over passes. It was a fun bar when I finally got there.

Anecdotally, tinnitus sometimes improves with magnesium supplementation.

It takes time though, on the order of several months, to see results.

Here's a review of the studies: https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/tinnitus-and-magnesium

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