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> It also won’t have iLO, etc.

You could install the free version of VMWares ESXi and use that as a sort of iLO. In most case that would be a more pleasant experience.

I'd really love to see a hypervisor that emulates IPMI/iLO/AMT/whichever flavor management hardware on machines that lack the capability. It should run a single VM only, and pass through all other hardware, but also cordon off eg. a single TCP port, and allow the user to power cycle the VM, along with remote control (could be done through VNC). Bonus points for exposing temperature and other sensors.

But when that hypervisor fails to boot you are SOL. I have vFlash cards in all my Dell servers with the OS install media and a recovery image so I can fix broken installs quickly. Oh, and that stupid PCIe training error from a NIC that went bad would have required I plug in my monitor as well.

It would be useful, but why not just run VMWare or Proxmox at that point?

At a potential performance penalty and significant extra attack surface (you now have to worry about your hypervisor’s attack surface and your actual OS’ attack surface, where as on bare metal you only have a single OS to worry about). Not to downplay the advantages of virtualisation, but if all you needed was a bare metal server then running a hypervisor adds one extra thing that can go wrong that you didn’t ask for.

Most (if not all) home lab users will be using virtualisation to spin up multiple VMs.

> you now have to worry about your hypervisor’s attack surface and your actual OS’ attack surface

But the same is true of iLO. Worse in that case, because the iLO won't receive security updates for as long and is less well scrutinized in general than common Linux distributions.

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