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$1700 seems like an awful lot to spend on this setup, even with 1yr warranty. I recently bought the following from eBay on a £500 budget:

Asrock Rack c602 mobo 2x Xeon e3-2650Lv2 (20c/40t) 8x8GB Samsung DDR3 ECC generic EATX case with fans 2x CPU heatsinks 3x case fans XFX fanless modular PSU

if the price and specs alone aren't compelling enough: it runs idle at ~50w it has a similar passmark of >15000 it has 4x GbE ports it has 4x PCIE3 slots (!)

I'd never heard of iLO, which other commenters mention as a selling point, but a quick search leads me to believe this is HP's take on IPMI, which this mobo has.

originally built as an HTPC server, I had 2 main criteria for my build: cool and quiet. hence opting for low powered processor versions, 0db PSU and PWM case fans. if you don't require these criteria you can knock ~20% off the budget.

there was so much power being unused that I binned a few other devices (namely crappy ISP-provided router and tv box) and made this build the heart of my home network. it is now my family's router, firewall, adBlocker, movie and tv server, game server, free cloud storage manager (synced to every household device), OS updates cache, music streamer, torrent client/server, VM server, web server, database server, VPN client, proxy server, etc., the list is virtually endless. these are all run simultaneously with ample resources leftover for frequent workstation usage.

I should admit that I thoroughly researched every component's specifications and price, and as such it took me around 3 months of waiting to source them.

I also admit this use case and learning curve is not for everyone, but it was ultimately a rewarding experience for both my brain and wallet.

That's the first good example I've seen that really undercuts my price, but it also has 60% of the single threaded performance. Probably still enough, I can see that, it works for you.

I admit I was more lazy, I have a separate room for this machine so I don't mind the noise that much. I just configured what I wanted and ordered it. I only did some research on the CPU performance.

yes I only really notice the single core performance on OpenVPN streams which, despite the CPUs' AES-NI and offloading to mobo's Intel-branded Ethernet chips, still cap out at ~80Mbps. it's fine for most internet needs and a few simultaneous video streams, but really bottlenecks torrenting and shifting large files around the web, on 1GBps FTTH. I toy with the idea of buying a generic fanless Chinese 4-port i7-8th Gen 15W 'U' variant to handle most networking duties, thus rendering the behemoth to be purely on-demand, WoL, semi-idle, etc. which would cut costs on electricity long term, but with such devices currently priced ~$300 and with Brexit threatening to bloat that, I am not in any rush. plus it gives me more time to research / discover / await / implement a multi-core VPN solution

edit/corrections: E5-2650Lv2 not E3-2650Lv2 1Gbps not 1GBps (I wish! :)

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