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Bedbugs are giving Airbnb users headaches and itchy bites (cnet.com)
16 points by jmsflknr 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Amazon (via third-party sellers), Uber, and Airbnb all have a similar thread: work around govt regulations in exchange for a lower price and wider selection.

With Uber, some of the regulations weren't really working for consumers. Taxis are terrible. And, though I dislike Uber as a company, they've done a surprisingly good job of providing the regulations and safeguards required to make their service as good and safe as taxis (perhaps more so in my city).

But Amazon and Airbnb make us forego some really vital, useful safety measures, e.g. requiring hotels to be responsible for keeping a room safe (with fire extinguishers, fire escapes, privacy, etc.) An individual Airbnb owner isn't afraid of your bed bug lawsuits, but Marriott is afraid for you to even tell someone about it. Which one is going to fix the problem sooner.

Amazon and Airbnb seemingly don't believe that bad sellers will harm their own brand that much, so they don't do much to stop these things. I don't think Airbnb could afford to. How can you prevent Airbnb owners from installing spy cams?

I personally have sampled the Silicon Valley way of doing things, and I've gone back to big-brand hotels and online shopping at Target/Best Buy. The prices aren't that different, and I have a lot more guarantees of quality, as well as a lot more recourse if something goes wrong.

They mention bedbugs, but those are only ONE thing that people can contract by staying at shared places such as these.

No need to worry the place will be professionally cleaned and sanitized between guests /s

For what AirBnB hosts charge for a "cleaning fee" I would sure hope so. (Yes, I know you were being sarcastic, but ffs, a $50 "cleaning fee"?)

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