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I recently learned on a trip to the United Kingdom that former hop-growing areas of the Southern UK have been purchased by French winemakers to grow grapes, because global warming has made that region amenable to it [1], while regions in France previously associated with viniculture are finding it increasingly difficult to grow traditional wine grape varieties [2]

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I've family in Napa, Ca. One of the high schools is literally called Vintage High and their mascot is the Crushers, after grape crushing machines [0]. Winemaking is as a part of Napa as the soil and air.

Wineries are moving up into Oregon and Washington now, following the climate [1]. It takes ~7 years for the grapes to get to a point where you can make wine out of them, hence moving up there now and planting.

This climate crisis is going to ruin Napa and already kinda is. ~81% of the grapes can't manage in the heat by 2080 [2], that's 4 of every 5 vines just dying in the sun. Meanwhile, the Napa Valley Vinters Association's head is firmly in the sand [3] and remains steadfastly confused that climate is weather.

[0] https://vhs-nvusd-ca.schoolloop.com/

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[3] https://napavintners.com/about/climate_change.asp

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