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Well for this problem I have since a long time an idea I am sure will works, I just need to kick-start it in the right way.

It is the "fair publishing edition", a system of publishing a work in a way that is fair both for the author and for the users. The author get paid an amount that is proportionate to the amount and value of its work and the users gets a fair value in return from their money.

The principle is simple, the author publish a work and decide a fixed amount of money that he judge correct as a fair total reward for his work. In turn the people that begin to buy the product pay only a small quota of this amount and the more people buy the product the smaller gets the amount. If the product becomes successful eventually the entire amount of money will be paid and the product will become free for everyone.

A detail, the first people will pay a larger amount of the latest people and this is a little bit unfair. Yet this is a minor problem that can be fixed by not making the payment immediate and when other people buy the product the payment of the first people will be reduced. In this way the problem will not disappear but it can be smoothed so that it will become more acceptable.

The faire publishing edition can be applied to any product that is trivially copiable, so for things like books, software, games, movies etc.

Each product launch will be caraterized by the amount requested and by a paying time which is roughly the time the author estimate to complete the payment of the product.

Note how this is much better than the current situation: free software authors doesn't get any reward for their work. It is unfair for the authors! At the other side traditional editor get indefinitely paid for a work, doesn't matter how much money they have already collected. It is unfair for the users!

If some people want to help me to kick-start this project, hey, just make me a message! :-)

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