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I don't particularly disagree with anything you had to say, but the tone of your post makes me wonder if you and similarly passionate individuals are actually ready to make money meet mouth. Have you stopped eating beef? Do you use only zero-emissions transport options? Have you taken zero flights and taxi rides since 2001? Is your day job contributing to some part of the solution to climate change?

Anyone who generally participates in the modern lifestyle that most of us share is one way or another contributing to the problem. Your passion is misplaced - wasted, even - unless you yourself are making drastic changes to how you live.

Thank you for calling this out. You're completely right in that I haven't taken the necessary actions. I do need to eat less beef. I do need to limit my consumerism. I will say I take public transportation (cause I live in a city that allows me that luxury). Honestly it's hard to not be overly pessimistic about one's individual. We should do our best to combat carbon emissions in our day to day life, but one person or even a thousand people going vegetarian won't fix our problems. Drastic political change is ultimately necessary.

Learning how to grow and preserve your own food, fix your own vehicles and appliances, build things instead of buying cheap Amazon/Chinese shit, raise animals, and maintain a dwelling are drastic changes and don't require government intervention. People did it for most of history so it's not difficult. If you want to survive, realize that consumer urban comfort is a 20th century relic.

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