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I love that Microsoft is doing this.

I was an exclusive Microsoft developer for almost 20 years until I started doing cloud deployments to AWS 2 years ago. Before then, server costs were someone else's problem. Now I’m doing a combination of .Net Core, Python, and JS/Node.

I realized that everything gets worse when you add Windows to any cloud solution - licensing costs, resource requirements, (I can do at lot with a very small Linux instance, Windows not so much), performance, startup times, easy scripting and automation, etc.

It gives me more of a reason to tell companies to move as far away from Windows on the server as possible.

I still develop on Windows,C#/.Net Core is my favorite language, don’t know much about Linux, and all of my “Linux deployments” are serverless with Docker/Fargate or Lambda.

I don’t have to worry about “server administration”, the one thing that kept me on Windows. We use managed services.

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