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Ask HN: Books to learn Python for beginners (Business School)
7 points by ashish5887 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I am in business school and one of the course requires us to learn Python language. Any recommendation on books to get started?

Apart from ATBS [1] I'd highly recommend Think Python [2] and its derived interactive version [3]

[1] https://automatetheboringstuff.com/

[2] https://greenteapress.com/wp/think-python-2e/

[3] https://runestone.academy/runestone/static/thinkcspy/index.h...

If you're starting from zero, a reasonable curriculum might be to work through these courses:

1. Learn python 3 the hard way (book by Zed Shaw) as mentioned by trcarney) 2. Build a saas app with flask (Nick Janetakis, on Udemy or his own site)

Use these resources to look up things and get more context: - real python - stack overflow

After finishing #2, try to build a different saas project from scratch, using what you learned.

If your interest is ML/DS, then replace #2 with something like 'deep learning for coders' parts 1 and 2. Or work through pandas exercises.

Automate the boring stuff by Al Sweigart. Good practical one for beginners.

Learn Python3 the Hard Way by Zed Shaw. Great for beginners. It is written as the readers first exposure to programming.

The best book is Python Crash Course

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