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Take a look at seL4 [1].

That it has never taken off is more evidence that there's no money in securing software, just cleaning up the mess insecure software leaves behind.

1. https://sel4.systems/

Is it true that seL4 has never "taken off"? And might it be too early to tell?

I am under the impression that the people behind seL4 have managed to successfully commercialize earlier other versions of L4 before seL4 was created.

Anyway, even if we grant the premise that seL4 has not taken off, that does not seem to justify saying that there is no money in securing software.

seL4 just celebrated its 10th anniversary. seL4 isn't widespread in COTS systems but rather in high assurance government systems as explained in this blog post: https://microkerneldude.wordpress.com/2019/08/06/10-years-se...

SeL4 is a small microkernel, not a complete operating system. It is very, very cool, and deserves more adoption, but a customer would need a load of stuff on top of it for it to be a viable option.

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