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Yeah, I'm definitely considering that. Basically just wanted to wait and see if anyone asked for it. Out of curiosity, is that because you'd like to use a different UI kit or do you generally write styles from scratch?

Great! Thanks :)

I'm using styled components too. But the idea is to have nothing unnecessary forced on you like an UI library, email subscription and so on

Yup makes sense! I've been getting this request a lot over the past few days so almost certainly going to add it soon.

I think a lot of people prefer to write styles from scratch. At least I haven't seen these UI kits being used much around me. I tried using one a couple of times and while it's great for getting something on the screen quickly, it turned into hell when I wanted to customize the look. Also it emitted embarassingly large bundles.

Yeah, having styled-components (not a UI framework) included in the boilerplate would be pretty awesome for something like this.

I was just going to ask that. I’m not big on using UI kits and prefer to use styled components. I like the idea of implementing Next.js

Yeah looking into adding Styled Components and Emotion support. Should be pretty easy since all custom style is already stored in a json format and scoped to each element.

Yup makes sense. Technically it would be pretty easy to add this so will keep an eye on feedback and try it out if I see a good number of requests.

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