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When I was looking at Monero mining ages ago, I built a rig using the Dell Poweredge R810. It has 4x CPU sockets in which I have Xeon E7-4860 (for mining that uses AES) that each have 10 cores/20 threads -- 40 cores/80 threads total. I found cheap deals on both scouring eBay. The entire setup cost me < $500.

However...it was noisy AF and consumed something like a few hundred Watts. Maybe as much as 500. Needless to say, I have not been running it. Does anyone have some tips on where to get cheap power? ;)

> Does anyone have some tips on where to get cheap power?

Do you live in a location that offers real-time pricing? Where I live, you can opt-in to such a scheme and then monitor an API from the power company and adjust/schedule your power usage to favor times in which electricity is very inexpensive. [1] Sometimes, you might even get paid to consume electricity:

> Negative Prices: With real-time hourly market prices, it is possible for the price of electricity to be negative for short periods of time. This typically occurs in the middle of the night and under certain circumstances when electricity supply is far greater than demand. In the market, some types of electricity generators cannot or prefer not to reduce electricity output for short periods of time when demand is insufficient, and as a result some generators may provide electricity to the market at prices below zero. Since Hourly Pricing participants pay the market price of electricity, they are actually being paid to use electricity during negative priced hours. Delivery charges still apply.

[1] https://hourlypricing.comed.com/live-prices/?date=20190813

Depends on where you live, but round here, I use both the GPU mining rig and the home server (Dell R630) to heat my basement. For >70% of the year I would be running electric heaters down there anyway, so it's "free" electricity.

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