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DuckDuckGo is lately behaving the same way... Time to find another alternative I guess.

DDG is worse, sadly. Unlike Google, they don't tell you they ignored part of your query. And for Google forcing a term is a strong signal and it will show to in the snippet most of the time. For DDG forcing a term is a weak signal and it will often not show up in the snippet and sometimes not at all.

I love DDG because of their bangs, but their "let me tell you what you actually wanted to search for"-attitude is pissing me off.

It is. At least google still provides "verbatim" mode, which is annoying to enable and still doesn't work some of the time, but DDG has no alternative. So if I search for "mispselling" for example, with double-quotes around it, 0% of the results contain my word and DDG doesn't even mention that it altered my search term. I know this is a bad example, but I've encountered it in the past with legitimate searches where I need results for some acronym or product whose name is close to another common word.

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