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Where do you store this machine? How is the noise? also, I wonder about the heat generated. Does it keep a room toastier than the rest of the house?

Many examples on reddit.com/r/homelab - including even more hungry (or several of them in a rack(s)) systems.

The short answer is Yes, servers built to be servers are designed to get the heat out and keep internal temp. down - so noisy fans and as much heat as you generate outside of the box.

Of course, nothing stops you replacing fans with quieter ones (at least one of more expensive or air movement) or putting consumer hardware (which has different design goals that you might prefer in the home) in a rack-mount chassis.

I live in a dorm room and keep an R610 about three meters from my bed. You can use some magical IPMI commands to disable the internal fan feedback loop and replace it with a custom one (usually the defaults cool the server to around 30C, which is not really necessary). This makes the server more quiet then the small fridge I also have in the room.

The 100W power consumption definitely makes the room warmer. It is approximately like having another person present.

The article has some answers to these questions:

> My very subjective opinion is that at 50 dB the sound level is reasonable for a server like this, but it's definitely not quiet. I would not be able to work, relax or sleep with this server in the same room.

> Although this server is fairly quiet at idle, it does need it's own dedicated room. When the door is closed, you won't hear it at idle, but under sustained load, you will hear high pitched fan noise even with a closed door.

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