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> Do more with less clutter, fewer clicks, less scroll, fewer tabs, fewer pages, fewer buttons, fewer ads, less mess...

Looks very promising if it is really a native desktop app, but then if it is electron, then that is the equivalent to having a fixed set of Chrome tabs open with an ad-blocker on.

I hope when you say 'native' that this app actually is native, otherwise it will be yet another bloated app to add to my collection of electron apps on my MacBook.

It's a mix of Electron & native code (Swift). I have done so many optimizations to make it lightweight, smooth and fast. If you have an older Mac, try it on it and see how fast it is. I use Apple Mail app for my emails and for my benchmarks so far, Yack works faster and smoother than Apple Mail.

Give it a try and don't forget to report back here :)

It's really not. Even on my MacBook Air 2019 loading of the different communities is slow. Feedback for example at least takes 3,4,5 seconds. While Apple Mail is measurable in milliseconds.

Also when logging into hacker news it's loading an internal web view instead of a popup, a popup safari web view would be better because of password autofill.

Sweet, great work. Does it work on an ipad3?

Does anything still work on an iPad 3? I would have thought a lot of newer apps target iOS 10 or higher by now.

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