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Really like the concept--I think you're on to something in creating a unified UI for all these similar services.

But..getting into the beta was a giant PITA.

1. Enter email

2. Check email

3. Download client

4. Go back to email, copy code

5. Paste code

6. Go back to email, click sign in link

7. Browser asks if it's ok to open Yack

8. Create profile in Yack (at this point I bounced)

Honestly, just let me download the beta directly, open it and have it Just Work. This is a new product and people will be skeptical. Friction is therefore your enemy.

Would it be possible to skip profile creation as well?

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

Will consider making the Yack profile optional. For the beta version it was necessary because the app has a "Feedback" community, which is built on top of Discourse - This is where users provide feedback and report bugs. Thought about creating a subreddit on Reddit for feedback/bug reports but for users who are on HN or YT, it was necessary to have Yack's own community.

Creating Yack profile automatically creates an account on Yack's Discourse instance but it never associates plugin accounts (hacker news, reddit, etc) with your Yack profile.

Would second that this should be optional ASAP. I understand your need and desire to collect feedback but I don't think it's a great idea to require users to create a profile for something that is a client.

There are other ways to collect feedback than a Discourse instance. Why not just stand up a contact form, Twitter account, or email address?

Definitely. Received similar feedback from other users as well and will consider making this optional.

You know what would be really impressive? To act on that feedback as fast as possible. Like: now. I agree with the parent poster and I think you should make it damn easy for anybody here to test Yack.

I'd love to do this right now, but the thing is that workflow is rather complicated and needs through testing after change. Would adding a download button to landing page suffice ;)

I think it would suffice. It's a start! :)

I also bounced after step 7, but namely because I kept getting sign-in errors with the email link.

what were the errors? Do you mind shooting me an email at max[at]yack.io

also, will update the landing page with the download link.

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