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I would love the opposite... some kind of medical treatment to make my ears less sensitive to sound. I feel constantly bombarded by noise to a point where now I got this dorky little thing on my keychain with ear plugs in it for loud places.

Curious if anyone here has experience w/ this and any advice.

I can't hear all that great, but I am also very annoyed by noises.

I think earplugs are the best solution. I keep a box of earplugs where I am likely to get annoyed, office, bedroom, but I also keep a box in the car so I am likely to have them close at hand (say I go on vacation and the hotel has rowdy neighbors). I also keep a pair in my backpack.

Noise sensitivity is common in individuals on the autism spectrum so there might be some therapies in that field that could help with noise sensitivity.

I don't have experience with it, but I have heard of what you are saying and I believe the technical term for it is "hyperacusis". If you haven't already done so, search that term and I'm sure you will find people with similar experiences. I would also suggest trying to find communities on Reddit, it looks like they even have a subreddit with a few hundred people subscribed, "https://www.reddit.com/r/hyperacusis/"

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