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I’m affected as well, noise damage. Had seen the papers coming out a while ago and desperately waiting for something that becomes available “for the masses”.

Do you know of any existing self-treatment (e.g. an app that applies a notch filter on acting as a Spotify client) or do you happen to have any reference to more specific treatments that might be available on the market?

There are sites that let you find and create a proper notch filter for free. You can then play them on loop in iTunes at your desk. Or on speakers as you sleep.

I believe this is the only research based treatment for tinnitus right now.

I also have it from too many raves. I can’t wear headphones anymore including AirPods.

Notch filters work some but healthy living has a big effect for me. Enough sleep, exercise, easy on intoxicants etc.

But just reading about and thinking about it is allowing me to hear something I normally tune out okay. It is sad what I’ve done to my hearing though. I wish there was a “cure.”

This one really helped me a lot a couple of years ago when my tinnitus suddenly worsened: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/neuromodulationTonesGenera...

Not a cure, but Chroma Doze available from fdroid is a fantastic noise generator that lets you easily create new combinations of static noise.

Sometimes when my tinnitus gets a bit worse I find I can hear it over the noise generator. Changing the pattern hides it again immediately for me.

https://www.neuromoddevices.com/ has just released a Neuromodulation gizmo. The first adopters have had it for a few weeks. Currently only in Ireland.

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