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Not the original poster but from experience of running windows on everything for over 20 years the risks are: being treated like a criminal until you prove yourself innocent, unreliable and difficult to automate tooling, half-baked clones of ideologies as a me to proposition rather than a product direction, absolutely no support worth mentioning even when you pay for it in organs, schizophrenic roadmaps which never materialise or turn up half baked, pretending to care about the community while shitting on it with telemetry and products being yanked that you rely on. Then QA so bad that it makes me wonder if there was any. I feel like most of my time and cash investment has been thrown into putting a marketing facade over this steaming pile of feces.

Now there's a pile of legacy on top of Windows which is unavoidable but at this point I couldn't possibly consider building a product from scratch on top of something which has been basically a 20 year long bad trip. I will also push for everything to be moved off their platforms at every available opportunity.

On numerous occasions the pure frustration caused by MSFT has nearly made me quit the industry entirely.

To confirm, everything is greener on the other side. I do that too.

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