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You say it like that and it sounds bad, but you say it like "Microsoft offers a discount if you bundle cloud and license spending" and it sounds pretty fair to me.

Goodness knows there are a lot of other cloud options than Microsoft. If you're tightly coupled with one vendor you're gonna be at their mercy.

When you have a monopoly on Y, it is not fair to offer a discount on a bundle of X and Y. The problem is not the general idea of a discount bundle, it's leveraging a monopoly to get more business in a different market.

Is Microsoft a monopoly on Server operating systems? I’d say no, and not by a long shot. Even on Azure, Linux is more than 50% of their workloads.

If you're running nginx, no.

For most software deployed on a windows server, there is no compatible OS. There's no real choice.

Microsoft doesn't have anything even remotely resembling a monopoly on server OSes.

To be fair, this affects the server market, where MS was never really a monopolist.

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