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Yes and no. I work on some ASP .NET applications and on a big .net core project.

The .net core project indeed runs fine on Linux in AWS. It's a great success story for us.

The ASP .NET projects I maintain have a budget that doesn't easily allow us to just migrate them to .net core. There are some hairy legacy libs and code in there that would also prove challenging to resolve too.

Yeah, this right here. I work on a MVC 5 app that uses some pretty large legacy libraries that's going to be hard to move from. Some of it is legacy stuff that may or may not have a .NET Core or .NET Standard equivalent. Others like Entity Framework have a Core equivalent that changes some paradigms to be a bit more modern, but ultimately creates a situation where it's not a drop in replacement.

There's also the question of SQL server. It's not so much of an issue when you're dealing with Azure, but SQL server on Linux isn't ready for prime time yet IMO.

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