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Meant as a derogatory slur, its ok? I can shout at the Mexican-Americans down at Big Box store now without repercussion? Disturbing the peace at the very least. Public nuisance.

Racial heritage is a protected class. The people who lord over me with a monopoly on legal violence had better not be.

Public nuisance is a thing, no matter why its being done or who its done to. Not illegal because of the target; illegal because its a deliberately public-disturbing outburst. Like crapping on the street - never mind who you were trying to send a message to, its just not to be done.

Unless you're saying I could be arrested for standing on the street and yelling "cow" a single time, I don't think you agree with yourself.

If you're blocking a funeral procession at the time, I could understand an arrest and misdemeanor charges.

If nobody is there, nothing is being disturbed.

HN is global, but many of are happy to live in the (relative) freedom of the USA, not Singapore or Communist CCP China.


> In July 2016, Joshua Condiotti-Wade of Colorado participated in a public protest with signs that said "Fuck Bad Cops" and "Blue Lives Murder." Commerce City police officer Chris Dickey approached him, accusing him of trespassing and disorderly conduct. [...] > Condiotti-Wade has now received $175,000 in compensation from the city."


Try not to commit a crime while you are exercising your rights.

Largely unrelated? In that case, the bystander was trying to distract the officer. In the one above, it was the offender that was recalcitrant.

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