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That won't be much good against random third-party cables from Amazon, where you don't have a "it should look like this" scan to compare against.

I told you _my_ dentist was cool. This is a 3rd party Amazon cable.


Just acquired.

Try it with a USB-C. They all have chips in them as part of the spec. Identifying a rogue chip will be a bit harder.

My dad's a radiologist, so access to scans isn't an issue, but the sticking point would be knowing what's normal and what's not.

That looks like a bog-standard USB cable, but Apple's Lightning and USB-C cables are far more complicated, with actual chips onboard.


I don't think there's much possibility of me vetting one of these sorts of third-party cable based on an x-ray, or even a physical teardown.

Nice! How about the other end?

Here's the other end:


haha that's great. You really have a good dentist.

Make sure the implant chip is completely inside the metal shield, you say? :)

No, you can vary the contrast to look more, I was lazy and didn't do it before - Here's the same image adjusted contrast:


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