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I try to keep up to date on this sort of thing as it affects me as well.

There are a few companies that are doing clinical trials in humans using drugs that may restore hearing. They've done a good job of keeping the results under lock and key so far but one of them (Frequency Therapeutics) might announcing some preliminary results next month. I've linked a press release from a few months ago.[1] As there are several companies attacking this problem from different angles, and an explosion in clinical trials, you wouldn't be crazy to be optimistic. If by luck any one of these drugs turns out to improve hearing by 10db or so, you might see the it on the market in no more than a few years.

[1] https://www.frequencytx.com/news-events/news-events-press-re...

decibel therapeutics https://decibeltx.com is also interesting.

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