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I have this USB-C looking like this[0] (not the same one though). The thing is whenever it is plugged into my MacBook Pro, the hub starts to overheat, even when there is nothing connected to it. I once tried plugging it into the MBP adapter and charging my phone through the USB port on it, and it did not heat at all.

I am suspecting it is running some program in the background (a miner maybe). Is there a way I can check if such a program is running?

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Purgo-Adapter-2018-2016-Delivery-Thun...

You could install Little Snitch on your Mac to see if it phones home.

IMO more likely that it's shoddy hardware; either way it's munching your battery, so I'd send it to the recyclers and find something more reputable.

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