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Show HN: Free app to export your site's design tokens to code (superposition.design)
9 points by kilian 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Hey everyone, author here. I built Superposition because I think too few people have the access to the benefits that having a design system gives them, either due to time and budget constraints, or due to (client) design maturity.

I want to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits that a design system gives them, like speed and consistency. And I'm releasing it for free.

Superposition is the first step towards this vision: A super easy way to use the design tokens that are already part of a website. You can export them to code or use them in our Adobe XD plugin, with more coming soon.

The end goal is for Superposition to take you from website to design system in a single app.

Cool product! Thanks for sharing! Also love you core product!!!

20 min ago I added my email address and clicked "get app". The page talks about free download, am I missing the download option?

Sorry! After clicking on "get app", the form updates and you select your OS and then press "Download".

Thanks a lot! So error on my side. I used a second browser because the newsletter signup was blocked by my adblocker. I must have closed that too fast.

edit: just tested the app, looks awesome

I also emailed you the download links!

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