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Your argument is good and well-written. However, SCMP is well-known to be China newspaper even before Alibaba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_China_Morning_Post

I find it very hard to believe that SCMP has both accurate and unbiased reporting after reading the Wikipedia article. This makes your comment read like a China-sponsored chill.

I'm talking about this as someone who is neither if favor of any party. Media is going to be either pro or against. It's very hard to find an unbiased media. An unbiased media needs to earn their reputation with time and a lot of effort. They also must have independent and verifiable funding that does not cross with neither party.

I find SCMP about equivalent to the NYT in the US. Not without its issues, but does quality reporting. When I need to follow the action live in HK to figure out what is happening (where protests are, what is happening in those protests, etc.), I find them to be reliable, fast, and accurate.

I'm not denying that they have a pretty pro-establishment point of view when it comes to their editorial. I'm not convinced that China has a major influence over their reporting, however.

Anyways, others recommend the Hong Kong Free Press as an alternative. Or you could also follow along on Twitter or join the private groups.

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