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It's easy to ignore. Just as easy as 2003 when the American empire secured the ME oil unilaterally from Iraq by ousting Saddam while all other powers made no retaliation for the move other than strong condemnation which is really the same thing. No one liked it, but no one was really going to lift a finger to prevent it.


Even that purported rationale for the second invasion of Iraq was false. “We” secured that Iraqi oil to export it mostly to Asia.


It doesn't matter where it goes per se, as much as who controls it. Oil (read: the price of) is a weapon. Look what the crash (of the price of crude) did to Venezuela. If energy (read: oil) is essential to your economy then you can't let someone else yo-yo the price at will.

And thus, the first foreign country for POTUS DJT to visit was Saudi Arabia.

The oil was already flowing in 2003.

1991 was fought over the oil, 2003 was fought over ideology and wishful thinking.

By ideology do you mean daddy issues?

I think he’s referring to some who to this day believe in “nation building” and imposing democracy where it’s not ready to take root. Ostensibly this democracy would spread and we’d have fewer adversaries as more regimes aligned with internationalism and globalism.

Yup - specifically, the neoconservative philosophy that said that now that the USSR was gone, the US had the power and hence the responsibility to reshape world political power structures in whatever way it thought was right.

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