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Douglas-Quaid – Open-Source Image Matching Library (arxiv.org)
27 points by zettacircl 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments


> Security analysts need to classify, search and correlate numerous images. Automatic classification tools improve the efficiency of such tasks. However, no open-source and turnkey library was found able to reach this goal.

GitHub link I had to dig through to chapter 7 to find:


True. This may be relevant to highlight the library link in an easier way. Thanks for spotting.

Was this named after Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the movie Total Recall?


Yes. That's the only reference i had for that name, too. I remember the scene where he was trying to bypass the checkin at the station and messed up his camouflage ...

He was pretending to be a woman.

One day i was in berlin on a train, and i swear i saw a woman looking exactly like this. Really terrifying. I had to stop looking at her, but i just couldn't believe what i saw.

It was like every moment Douglas-Quaid would appear after he'd run out of batteries for the cloak :)

For sure :P

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